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HDV Quantification Kit



Product Information

HDV is unique among animal viruses in that it has an RNA genome, but is dependent on a DNA virus (HBV) for replication. This unusual replication strategy has led to HDV being classified as a "defective" virus or a satellite virus. LaborantTM HDV Quantification Kit is used for quantification of the Hepatitis D Virus with PCR amplification in a single tube using gene-specific primers. The kit allows to achieve RT-qPCR result in around 40 minutes and may vary according to the Ramp Rate of the device. The oligonucleotide set targeting human RPP-30 gene functions as a control of the sampling, nucleic acid extraction and inhibition. All standards (HDV-S E3, HDV-S E4, HDV-S E5, HDV-S E6) have been meticulously designed and formulated to mimic HDV positive human samples by making quantitative dilutions of HDV gene fragments.